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Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers was conceived of by three professional men who grew tired of going to female-centric salons in order to get a good haircut.  “We wanted services like shaves and shoe shines, services that salons just didn’t offer.  We wanted to find a place where the customer was the most important person in the room and service was provided without an attitude. We wanted a place to relax where we could find flat screen TVs, a comfortable bar, and living room furniture.  We found this did not exist, so we created Truman’s.”

After over 10 years of dedication to men’s grooming, we saw an opportunity to offer our clients a more complete experience with a custom-made line of highly functional, result oriented products for men.  Using our two NYC lounges as our testing ground and our clients as our critics we started the development of Truman’s Products with a simple 3 SKU line (Moisturizing Shampoo, Superior Shave Cream and Finisher Hair Paste).  Truman’s products have won multiple awards and positive press reviews including Esquire grooming awards and Maxim’s Best of Grooming.

“Sometimes a guy doesn’t want to go to a “salon.” Sometimes he wants a stiff drink with his haircut, and yeah, maybe a massage and a straight-razor shave. Enter Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers, a new anti-spa made for a man. Basically, that means a well-stocked bar, overstuffed red leather barber chairs, giant plasma-screen TVs (usually tuned to ESPN), and straightforward services, from a simple beard trim to a pedicure. And though it all sounds very retro, Truman’s didn’t get all kitschy with the decor – think sophisticated lounge, not Harvard Club.” – GQ

“Just because you’re getting a facial doesn’t mean you have to be surrounded by girls. At these new grooming clubs, the atmosphere and aesthetic are part old-world barbershop, part cigar bar. A massage is a lot more relaxing when you’re handed a beer as soon as you walk in the door and you don’t have to wait next to a bachelorette party.” – Details

“Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers is . . . featuring “handshake maintenance’’ (i.e., a manicure), scalp massage, shave, and haircut. Truman’s also put up screens, on the assumption that men prefer not being seen by other men while undergoing “foot repair.”” – NewYork

“The worst thing about a haircut is describing exactly what you want to the stylist. Between your mouth and your stylist’s ears is way too much room for disaster. Truman’s Gentleman’s Groomers has a simple solution to potentially catastrophic miscommunications. At your request the stylist will take a digital photo of your cut at the end of the session for reference on your next visit. A stroke of genius, we’d say.” – Playboy

“Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers offers acrylic dividers emblazoned with black-and-white surfing photographs between each station, blocking out the man in the neighboring chair — and allowing clients to relax without fear they’ll be spotted wearing those ubiquitous white cloth spa slippers while their shoes are being shined downstairs” – The New York Times

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Truman’s makes men’s grooming a relaxing and rewarding experience…
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