• February 1, 2018

What makes a great partnership?   As a co-founder of Truman’s, I am always on the look out for partners that benefit our customers and work well with our brand.  However, it takes more than a popular brand name to make a good partner.  When Truman’s decides to partner with an outside company we look for the following: does that company or brand share our values and commitment to customer service, does it provide a quality product that is comparable to the quality of our services and products, and finally, does the partnership provide value to our clients?

John O’Donnell and his clothing line johnnie-O hit all of these marks.  His goal was to blend his two favorite styles of East Coast Classic and Southern California Vibe to develop product men would desire. He built his business based on strong and fair business values and a commitment to serving his clients needs.  johnnie-O’s commitment to quality products has been unwavering.  I still wear the first johnnie-O shirt I ever purchased, which was over seven years ago.

Now, with the beginning of our partnership, Truman’s will be able to share the johnnie-O experience with our clients.

All Truman’s clients receive 15% off johnnie-O apparel throught 6/30/2018 by using the promo code Truman25 at www.johnnie-o.com.

A friend of John’s introduced me to johnnie-O’s original polo right after the company launched.  I fell in love with the shirt immediately.  It had all the elements I was looking for:  a classic look that emanated a cool, casual style that could be worn in all types of situations.  On top of that, it was constructed with soft, durable cotton.   When I reached the age of 40, I came to the realization that it wasn’t cool to wear my old Def Lepard t-shirt to my kids little league games, yet I am not ready to move on to dad jeans.  Johnnie-O is stylish for all age groups, but for me it brings a sense of cool to suburban dad.  Their polo’s can wear like a t-shirt; and does not make you feel like you have to be on a golf course to wear one. Johnnie-O shorts and pants are the right fit without trying to be too skinny or too baggy, and their button downs with a Tweener Button allow me to go to work without worrying about looking like an aging Don Johnson who unbuttons one button too many.