• May 17, 2018



Truman’s strongly believes in giving back and supporting charities we believe in. Over the years, we have supported numerous causes through donations of time, money and services.

However, there is one charity that we continuously rally behind every year and that is the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

I met Lee Woodruff at a friend’s dinner party a number of years ago. Lee is a wonderful, smart and generous woman. At that party she told me about the foundation that her husband and she had started. I was inspired hearing about the work they do to support impacted veterans and service men so that they and their families can succeed. The details of their mission can be found in the link above. Lee also spoke about the foundation’s big annual fundraiser, Stand Up for Heroes, and how it brings numerous veterans, their caregivers, and families to NYC to enjoy the event every year. Lee spoke about how important this getaway to NYC is for these families and how the simple act of helping the women look glamorous for the big event by providing hair and make-up made these women feel incredibly special. My first reaction was how great this work was, but my close second reaction was well, the women are in good hands with hair and make-up, but who is taking care of the men?

So that night, I volunteered Truman’s hair and barbering services for impacted veterans and the men in their lives to make sure they look good on their big night. Every year we set up a pop-up Truman’s in the hotel where the Stand Up For Heroes event is held. The Truman’s team of barbers and hair stylists provide free services to veterans and their families. And every year it is the most rewarding thing that our team does -hands down.

To see how a simple gesture can make a person, with more challenges than you could imagine, smile is just awesome. So this year, when Lee’s team called and asked us if we would be willing to get on a plane and come to San Francisco to help with their first Stand Up For Heroes: Bay Area we said tell us when, we will be there. So tomorrow we are proud to be doing our first ever Truman’s pop-up in San Francisco in support of our impacted heroes. Whether in NY or SF, or anywhere for that matter, we are proud to support our veterans and the Bob Woodruff Foundation.