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Truman’s Men’s Cutting Foundations

OCTOBER 21, 2018

Learn the critical skills & approach necessary for setting the foundation of a great men’s cut.  This class will cover the key skills our team members master in our own training program. Great precursor to our advanced classes.

Audience: Stylists & barbers of all experience levels welcomed. Best for stylists and barbers newer to men’s grooming (3 or less years experience).

Topics Include:

  • Consultation & Understanding Head Shape
  • Proper Sectioning, hand positioning
  • Principals and techniques for classic cuts
  • 1 Day Hands-On Class with mannequins

Advanced Men’s Cutting

2019 Schedule Coming Soon

Building on the base skills learned in our Classic Cut Foundations class, this class focuses on the skills needed to create advanced men’s styles and cuts.

Audience: Barbers & Stylists with three or more years of experience in men’s grooming.

Topics Include:

  • Creative Vision & Consultations- seeing the haircut possibilities of a new client.
  • Point cutting, layering and texturizing
  • Connecting Sections
  • Detail work & finishing the look
  • Two-day Hands-on mannequins & live models

The Art of Service and the Business of Men’s Grooming

2019 Schedule Coming Soon

A complete introduction into the particulars of the men’s market. This class focuses on best practices for serving male clientele and building your business. From salon design to check-in / check-out procedures this class covers everything you need to know about the men’s grooming market.


Audience: Salon & Barbershop owners, individual stylists, freelancers

Topics Include:

  • What’s so great about the men’s market?
  • How to talk to a man about grooming
  • Consultation: the service can’t be made here, but it can easily be lost
  • Salon Design
  • Men’s Services
  • Business Models & Compensation
  • 3 hour interactive discussion, role playing & lecture or 2 Day full immersion