Lorraine Carlin

Creative Director, Head of Education

In 2006, Lorraine Carlin followed her passion for men’s grooming after spending nearly a decade in a unisex salon. Lorraine trained under Rick Haylor, co-founder & lead trainer of John Frieda Salons and was hired as Truman’s first stylist at Truman’s Midtown Manhattan location. At Truman’s, Lorraine is the “go to” stylist for New York’s most discerning clients including dignitaries, professional athletes, actors, entertainment personalities, and global business leaders.

Lorraine has been featured in several national and regional publications for her expertise in men’s grooming. But ask Lorraine what she enjoys most about men’s grooming, and she will always say it goes back to teaching the intricacies of the craft to passionate stylists.

As Truman’s Creative Director, Lorraine re-designed Truman’s training program and launched the Truman’s Academy, the most intensive men’s grooming training program in New York City. Lorraine believes that Truman’s team of stylists and staff stand out from the pack because of the technical and interpersonal skills the team received in training. In addition to styling and training, Lorraine has been a lead developer in creating Truman’s line of award-winning grooming products.


Lead Educator, Senior Stylist

Tomasz  was  born  in  Poland,  but  has  lived  in  New  York  for  the  past  20  years.  While  in  Poland,  Tomasz  balanced  his  two  passions  –  men’s  grooming  and  soccer.  He  attended  cosmetology  school  and  played  professional  soccer  before  coming  over  to  the  United  States.

Tomasz’s  mother  inspired  his  career  path,  jump  starting  his  passion  for  styling  hair  when  he  was  15  years  old.  From  there,  he  thanks  his  mentors  for  paving  the  path  for  his  success  in  the  industry.  Tomasz  also  credits  his  two  children  (and  their  smiles)  for  motivating  him  each  day.

Tomasz’s  passion  for  the  industry  is  powered  by  those  around  him.  As  the  head  educator,  Tomasz  is  responsible  for  teaching  Truman’s  future  stylists  the  skills  necessary  for  success.  Seeing  those  trainees  succeed  and  then  watching  clients  walk  away  feeling  great  is  his  reward.